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17716 - Black Bear Figurines
Black bear figurines. 4 assorted.
18008 - Carved-Look Bears Wine Bottle Holder
Carved wood look bears supporting your wine bottle. Poly-resin.
19073 - Black Bear Metal Wall Clock star Clearance Item
Distressed black metal wall clock with cutout bear design.
19091 - Bear Family On Rock star Clearance Item
Bear family on rock formation, cave opening, figurine.
19148 - Bear Track Coasters With Holder
Bear track drink coasters in a log frame with bear holder.
19313 - Black Bear Votive Candle Holder star Clearance Item
Glass votive candle holder with cutout metal black bear surround.
19322 - Woodgrain Look Bear Figurine
Resin bear figurine hand painted to look like woodgrain.
19396 - Woodgrain Look Bear & Cub
Resin bear and cub figurine hand painted to look like woodgrain.
19421 - Bear With Cubs Figurine
Momma bear with small cubs figurine.
19663 - Black Bear Lodge Light-Up Plaque star Clearance Item
Canvas-look plaque with cut-out backlit words 'Welcome to Black Bear Lod...
19668 - Black Bear Light-Up Plaque star Clearance Item
Canvas-look plaque with cut-out backlit words 'Black Bear Wood Products'...
18212 - Bears In Trees Wine Holder
Bear family walking through woods wine bottle holder.
18266 - Bear Wine Stopper
Bear wine bottle stopper, poly resin and cork. 2 assorted.
18806 - Bears Mantle Clock star Clearance Item
Bear clock in arch of foliage, with cub swinging on pendulum.
18981 - Wine Stopper Bear
Chrome metal wine stopper with resin black bear topper.
19050 - Bears In Tree Coffee Pod Holder
Bears in pine tree coffee K Cup pod holder.
19151 - Black Bear Branch Wine Holder star Clearance Item
Black bears climbing on branches. Holds a standard wine bottle.
19343 - Cute Carved Bear Wine Holder star Sale Item
Cute carved-look black bear. Holds a standard wine bottle.
19365 - Bear on Driftwood-Look Wine Holder star Clearance Item
Black bear on driftwood branch wine bottle holder. Wine not included.
19453 - Bear In Tree Thermometer
Bear in pine tree thermometer.
19659 - Bear Paw Bottle Opener
Bear paw with bottle opener on back. Poly resin and metal. 2.8 x 3.8".
63377 - Carved-Wood-Look Bear Family star New Item
Faux, carved wood-look, brown, bear bust head with cubs on rock statue. ...
18585 - Bear Track Photo Frame
Bear track with forest design photo frame.
19211 - Black Bear Photo Frame, Plain
Black bear photo frame, plain. Cardstock. 8 x 6". Holds a 6 x 4" photo. ...
19558 - Eagle, Bear And Wolf Bust Figurines
Eagle, bear and wolf bust figurines. 3 assorted. Poly resin, 2.5 x 4".
62058 - Black Bear On Rock
Small black bear on rock figurine.
62059 - Brown Bear On Rock star Clearance Item
Small brown bear on rock figurine.
62596 - Canoe Figurine With Bear star Clearance Item
Hide canoe shaped bust with black bear head.
63393 - Moose Selfie Figurines star New Item
Selfie photo moose figurines. Poly resin, 3.3 x 3.8". 2 assorted.
19420 - Howling Wolf Figurine
Wolf standing and howling.
17383 - Wildlife World Figurines
12 assorted North American wildlife figurines. Display free with 72 piec...
17383UN - Wildlife World Display & Figurines
Wildlife World unit, 72 pieces assorted North American wildlife complete...
19402 - Laser-Cut Illuminated Wilderness Scene, Bear star Clearance Item
Laser-cut wood wilderness scene with bears. LED light illuminates from w...
19463 - Antlers & Deer Photo Frame
Photo frame with poly resin antlers and metal cutout deer silhouettes.
19466 - Clip Photo Frame, Deer star Clearance Item
Stand up MDF frame with clip to hold photo or note. Cut-out buck deer an...
19470 - Bears Welcome Sign
MDF wood sign with corrugated steel bears 'Welcome to the woods', metal ...