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62596 - Canoe Figurine With Bear star Clearance Item
Hide canoe shaped bust with black bear head.
63377 - Carved-Wood-Look Bear Family
Faux carved wood-look bear bust with a pair of cubs. Poly stone figurine...
19558 - Eagle, Bear And Wolf Bust Figurines
Eagle, bear and wolf bust figurines. 3 assorted. Poly resin, 2.5 x 4".
17383 - Wildlife World Figurines
12 assorted North American wildlife figurines. Display free with 72 piec...
17383UN - Wildlife World Display & Figurines
Wildlife World unit, 72 pieces assorted North American wildlife complete...
19470 - Bears Welcome Sign
MDF wood sign with corrugated steel bears 'Welcome to the woods', metal ...
19463 - Antlers & Deer Photo Frame
Photo frame with poly resin antlers and metal cutout deer silhouettes.
63313 - Bear Wood Cutaway Plaque
Stained wood with cut-away to reveal planking beneath. 12" x 8".
19466 - Clip Photo Frame, Deer star Clearance Item
Stand up MDF frame with clip to hold photo or note. Cut-out buck deer an...
19560 - Corrugated Metal Bear Wall Art star Sale Item
Bear silhouette cut from corrugated galvanized steel.
19583 - Bear Welcome Tabletop Sign star Clearance Item
Cut-out metal bear silhouette atop a wood 'Welcome' base.
19587 - Bear Welcome Wood Slice Sign
Rustic wood slice suspended from metal hanging rod. Printed with 'Welcom...
63441 - Bear Paw Picture Frame
Rustic bear paw picture frame. Detailed and realistic with a glass inser...
63447 - Bear-Shape Forest Plaque
Double exposed, large, wall decor featuring the shape of a bear with for...
19468 - Moose & Tree Photo Frame star Clearance Item
MDF and cut-out tin moose diorama surrounds a counter/mantel-top photo f...
19585 - Life Is Better In The Woods Sign
Rough-sawn wood planks on metal backing rails. Bear and moose designs wi...
63315 - Rusted Bear Wood Plaque
Cutout bear with a rusted patina on a plank-look plaque. MDF. Twine han...
63481 - Bear Wood/Metal Photo Frame star New Item
Our decorative bear picture frame has a barnwood look with faux rusted h...
18359 - Northwoods Bear & Deer Placemats star Clearance Item
Northwoods bear and deer fabric placemat/table accent. 2 assorted.
18361 - Northwoods Bear & Moose Hotpads star Clearance Item
Northwoods bear and moose fabric hotpads. 2 assorted.
18802 - Northwoods Bear & Moose Placemat star Clearance Item
Northwoods bear and moose in wilderness placemat, 2 assorted.
19184 - Bear & Trees Applique Placemat star Clearance Item
Placemat with appliqued bear in wilderness.
18195 - Black Bear Head Mug, Plain
Black bear head shaped ceramic mug, gloss black and brown glaze. No impr...
18280 - Bear Salt & Pepper
Bear salt and pepper shakers, mom with baby.
19195 - Ceramic Bear Salt & Pepper Set star Clearance Item
Ceramic salt and pepper shakers with an embossed bear design.
19199 - Ceramic Napkin Holder star Clearance Item
Ceramic napkin holder with an embossed bear design.
19316 - Metal Bear Photo Frame
Photo frame with cutout bears in wilderness scene. Distressed black meta...
19696PL - Upside-Down Bear Mug, Plain
Upside-down bear mug. Black and brown glaze with cream interior. 18 oz. ...
63438 - Bear, Moose, & Canoe Wine Bottle Holder
Novelty wine holder featuring a bear & moose struggling to carry a canoe...
19205 - Black Bear Full-Wrap Mug, Plain
Full wrap ceramic mug with black bear image on the front and info. about...
19214 - Black Bear Full-Wrap Shot Glass, Plain
Ceramic shot glass with full-wrap design, with black bear image on the f...
19562BEA - Tall Enamelware Mug - Bear Print
Porcelain coated metal mug, white with black trim. 4.5 x 4.5". Bear impr...
19563BEA - Enamelware Mug - Bear Print
Porcelain coated metal mug, white with black trim. 5.5 x 3.8". Bear imp...
19564BEA - Enamelware Measuring Cup - Bear Print
Porcelain coated metal, white with black trim. Measuring guide is approx...
19566BEA - Enamelware Coffee Server- Bear Print
Porcelain coated metal, white with black trim. Removable lid. 6.5 x 7.5"...
19567BEA - Enamelware Measuring Cups - Bear Print
Set of 4 cups. Porcelain coated metal, white with black trim. 6.3 x 3.5...