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19558 - Eagle, Bear And Wolf Bust Figurines
Eagle, bear and wolf bust figurines. 3 assorted. Poly resin, 2.5 x 4".
3-PDR52 - Eagle & Antler Figurine
Soaring eagle on antler figurine, 2 assorted.<br>&nbsp;<br><video autopl...
62537 - Eagle On Rock
Eagle on rock spreading wings. 2 assorted.
63362 - Eagle Alighting Figurine star Featured Item
Eagles with outstretched wings landing on branches. 2 assorted.<br>&nbsp...
17809 - Perched Eagle Pair Figurine
Pair of perched eagles on a branch, 2 assorted.<br>&nbsp;<br><video auto...
17853 - Large Perched Eagle Figurine
Large golden eagle perched on a rock, cast in resin and hand painted.<br...
19178 - Soaring Eagle Figurine
Large soaring eagle figurine.
19357 - Eagle With Flag
The magnificent wings of the valiant Bald Eagle spread gloriously over t...
19397 - Carved Wood Look Eagles Figurine
Poly resin figurine with three eagles on a branch, decorated to look lik...
19426 - Perched Eagle On Plinth
Eagle perching on a rock figurine, with a wood plinth.<br>&nbsp;<br><vid...
19557 - Eagle Duo Figurine
A soaring eagle swoops below an eagle-head bust, above a wilderness rive...
63363 - Eagle Landing on Branch Figurine
The Eagle on Branch depicts the iconic American bird alighting on a bran...
63387 - Bronze-Look Eagle Bust
Bronze-look eagle bust catching fish. Poly stone. 7.3 x 9".<br>&nbsp;<br...
17561 - Comical Moose With Signs
Comical moose holding signs; Welcome, I miss you, Thinking of you, Frien...
18526 - Eagle Landing Figurine
Eagle landing figurine, 2 assorted, one on a rock, one on a branch.<br>&...
18531 - Mini Eagle Figurine
Mini perched eagle figurines, 4 assorted.<br>&nbsp;<br><video autoplay="...
18979 - Eagle Photo Frame
Rustic look frame with eagle and branch.
19326 - Eagle Pair Perched On Branch
Eagle pair perched on a fallen branch over a stream.
19358 - Eagle Landing On Branch
Eagle landing on tree branch figurine.
19372 - Woodgrain Look Soaring Eagle
Soaring eagle figurine decorated to look like carved wood.
62749 - Eagle Waterball
Eagle waterball, 45mm diameter globe.
63394 - Faith Love Hope Believe Moose
Each of these whimsical moose holds a faux wood sign that says Faith, Lo...
17271 - Sitting Comical Moose
Sitting comical moose, carved-look, 4 assorted.
17562 - Moose Couple On Bench
Comical moose couple sitting on log bench.<br>&nbsp;<br><video autoplay=...
18020 - Carved-Look Hugging Moose Pair
Carved wood-look moose pair in a hug. Two pieces per set.<br>&nbsp;<br><...
18182 - Moose Family In Canoe
Carved-wood lookfigurine of a cute moose family paddling a canoe.<br>&nb...
18352 - Moose Motorcycle Rider Couple
Wood carved look moose biker couple on motorcycle figurine. Part of the ...
18615 - See Hear Speak No Evil Moose
Carved-wood look moose figurines; see, hear, speak no evil. 3 assorted.<...
18851 - Moose Family Figurine
Moose family figurine, a cute hand-carved-look bull, cow and calf stand ...
18971 - Flying Moose Figurine
Comical flying moose figurine. You've heard of buffalo wings...<br>&nbsp...
19057 - Moose Sledding star Clearance Item
Moose and calf sledding on snow.
62595 - Canoe Figurine With Moose star Clearance Item
Hide canoe shaped bust with moose head.
14697 - Elk Head Magnet star Sale Item
3D Elk magnet made of polyresin.
18977 - Moose Photo Frame
Rustic look photo frame with moose head relief.
19172 - Bull Elk Figurine
Bull Elk figurine on rock.
19204 - Moose Full-Wrap Mug, Plain
Full wrap ceramic mug with moose image on the front and more info. on th...