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19608 - Hummingbird Crystal Ornament
Hummingbird ornament or suncatcher. Translucent green and purple acrylic...
19610 - Turtle Crystal Keychain
Turtle and charm on a snap-gate keychain. Translucent acrylic crystal.
19611 - Butterfly Crystal Keychain
Butterfly and charms on a snap-gate keychain. Translucent acrylic crysta...
19612 - Star Crystal Keychain
Star and charms on a snap-gate keychain. Translucent acrylic crystal.
19613 - Butterfly Crystal Magnet
Butterfly magnet, Translucent pink acrylic crystal.
19614 - Pink/Orange Daisy Crystal Magnet
Daisy flower magnet, Translucent pink and orange acrylic crystal.
19615 - Dragonfly Crystal Magnet
Dragonfly magnet, translucent green acrylic crystal.
19616 - Green Daisy Crystal Magnet
Daisy flower magnet, translucent green acrylic crystal.
19617 - Bird Crystal Magnet
Bird magnet, translucent amber acrylic crystal.
19618 - Small Butterfly Crystal Magnet
Small butterfly magnet, translucent pink acrylic crystal.
19619 - Owl Crystal Magnet
Owl magnet, translucent green acrylic crystal.
19620 - Sunflower Crystal Magnet
Sunflower magnet, translucent green and mirrored acrylic crystal.
19669 - Hummingbird Acrylic Magnet
Hummingbird magnet, 2.3 x 2.5". Translucent blue and pink acrylic cryst...
63515 - Cardinal Ornament star Featured Item
Cardinal ornament. Poly stone.
19576 - Large Pebble-Stone Garden Bird
Large garden bird figurine with pebble-stone body. Poly resin, 11.3 x 9....
19572 - Pebble-Stone Garden Owl
Garden owl figurine with pebble-stone body. 5.8" tall.<br>&nbsp;<br><vid...
19404 - Pebble-Stone Garden Owl star Clearance Item
Garden owl figurine with river rock effect.
19406 - Owl Figurine star Clearance Item
Poly resin owl figurine.
19590 - Small Gnome Riding a Bird
Small garden gnome riding a bluebird. Poly resin.
19100 - Pebble-Stone Garden Bird
Garden bird figurine with river stone effect.
19101 - Pebble-Stone Garden Worm
Cute garden worm in a hat, with river stone effect.<br>&nbsp;<br><video ...
19098 - Pebble-Stone Bird Bath
Bird bath/feeder with two small birds and river stone effect.
18541 - Owl Solar Light star Clearance Item
Bark and wood look owl solar lights, 2 assorted. Solar panel and switch ...
63516 - Colorful Turtle Magnet star Featured Item
Colorful turtle magnet, 3 assorted. Poly stone.
63517 - Butterfly Wall Plaque
Butterfly wall plaque with keyhole hanger on the back, 2 assorted. Poly ...
19119 - Branch Bird House Tree Hanger star Clearance Item
Branch bird house tree hanger. Flat top to add your items on trees.
18963 - Bird House Owl Tree Hanger star Clearance Item
Owl tree hanger with bird house in branch.
61841 - Loon With Chick
Loon with chick under wing figurine.
62052 - Loon Magnet, Plain
Loon carrying chick magnet, no imprint.
62124 - 4" Loon With Chick
Loon with chick figurine, 4" long.
62125 - 2-1/2" Loon With Chick star Featured Item
Loon with chick figurine, 2-1/2" long.
63069 - Loon Figurine
Loon figurine, polystone. 2.4 x 1.4".
3-PDR94 - Owl Figure 4 Assorted star New Item
Owl figure, four assorted. Polyresin, 3.5 x 3.3".
19429 - Owl Figurine
Owl figurines, 2 assorted.<br>&nbsp;<br><video autoplay="autoplay" loop=...
19430 - Owl Breeds Figurine
Owl breeds figurine, 3 assorted.
19622 - Distressed-Finish Bird Trio Figurine
Bird trio figurine with antique-look distressed finish.<br>&nbsp;<br><vi...