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62558 - Carved Wood Pheasant Slingshot, Plain
Hand carved wood pheasant slingshot. No imprint.
Hand carved wood pheasant slingshot. Name drop on handle.
63422 - Squeezable Squawking Chicken
Chicken is made of plastic and makes a squawking sound when squeezed! Pl...
19426 - Perched Eagle On Plinth
Eagle perching on a rock figurine, with a wood plinth.<br>&nbsp;<br><vid...
63443 - Rooster Copper-Mold Style Figurine
Standing rooster, vintage copper finish, jello mold style decoration. Po...
63445 - Farmyard Trio Copper-Mold Style Figurine
Standing farm animal stack featuring a bull, pig, and rooster standing o...
63453 - Farm Fresh Chicken Plaque
Wooden banner w/metal overlay of the words FARM FRESH with a rooster ato...
17732 - Chicken Figurines
Chicken and rooster figurines, 4 assorted.
18222 - Rooster/Hen Figurine
Rooster/hen figurines, 2 assorted.<br>&nbsp;<br><video autoplay="autopla...
19427 - White Chicken Figurine
White chicken figurine.
19428 - White Rooster Figurine
White rooster figurine.