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63310 - Birch-Bark Look Canoe
Birch-bark look canoe. Carved wood. 8.5" long by 2.3" tall.
Flocked horse, white. Name-drop imprinted on saddle.
61228IM - Flocked Paint Horse, Name-Drop On Saddle star Featured Item
Flocked paint horse with name-drop on leather saddle.
62385 - Small Furry Wolf star Clearance Item
61238 - Flocked Buffalo
61247 - Flocked 3" Moose
Flocked moose, 3" long.<br>&nbsp;<br><video autoplay="autoplay" loop="lo...
61249 - Flocked 5" Moose
Flocked moose, 5" long.<br>&nbsp;<br><video autoplay="autoplay" loop="lo...
61425 - Flocked Buffalo Coin Bank
Flocked buffalo coin bank. Coin slot on top and access port underneath.<...
61268 - Flocked Jackalope Coin Bank
Flocked jackalope coin bank. The mythical Southwestern creature will hoa...
61850 - Flocked Lying Husky
Flocked lying down husky dog.
61227PL - Flocked Horse
Flocked horse, white.
61228PL - Flocked Paint Horse, Plain
Flocked paint horse, no saddle.
61252 - Small Flocked Deer
Small flocked buck deer.
61254 - Flocked Fawn
61257 - Flocked Buck
Flocked buck deer.
61260 - Small Sitting Flocked Fawn
Small sitting flocked fawn.
61433 - Brown Horse With Saddle
7" brown horse with saddle and bridle has a flocked finish.
61577 - Pinto Horse With Saddle
8" pinto horse with saddle and bridle has a flocked finish.
61223 - Flocked Pegasus
Flocked pegasus winged horse with saddle.
61224 - Assorted Flocked Horses
Flocked horses, 9 assorted.
61225 - Flocked 8" Unicorn
Flocked 8" unicorn with saddle.
61226 - Flocked 5" Unicorn
Flocked 5" unicorn with saddle.
61235 - Flocked Saddled Horses
Flocked horse with saddle, 6 assorted.
61432 - Flocked Pink & Purple Ponies
Flocked pink and purple ponies with saddles.
61781 - Flocked Paint Horse
Flocked paint horse with saddle.
61988 - Flocked 6" Indian Ponies
Flocked Indian ponies, 6", 2 assorted.
61258 - Flocked Doe
Flocked doe deer.
63473 - Bear Playing With Cub star New Item
A precious moment between mother bear and her cub captures a playful bon...
63474 - Hiking Bear Figurine star New Item
This black bear hiking figurine features a faux carved wood look. Geared...
63475 - Canoe Portage Bear Figurine star New Item
Black bear features a faux wood carved look. He has no problems carrying...
63476 - Bear Reading Book In Boat star New Item
This cute little black bear is escaping to the river to read a book insi...
63477 - Bear With Cub In Wheelbarrow star New Item
Faux carved wood look bear is pushing her little cub around in a wheelba...
63480 - Carved Wood Look Lighthouse star New Item
Lighthouse carved wood figurine mimics wood grain and bark like texture,...
63503 - Bear in Adirondack Chair star New Item
Cute black bear is relaxing in his adirondack chair. Polyresin.
63505 - Bear with Faith Cross star New Item
This inspirational black bear is holding a cross with the word faith on ...
63506 - Bear with 'Bear Hugs' Plaque star New Item
There's nothing like a big bear hug from someone who cares. This black b...