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17421 - Bear Couple on Bench
Two black bear friends having a chat on a bench. Wood-carved look.
18611 - Fire Fighter Bears
Wood-carved look fire fighter bear figurines. 2 assorted.
18616 - Nighty Night Bears
Wood-carved look bear figures with blankets and slippers. 2 assorted.
19044 - Super Bear star Clearance Item
Super Bear, ready for the fight to save the forest. Wood-carved look.
19344 - Remote Controller Holder Bear
Cute wood-carved look black bear remote control holder.
19349 - Daniel Boone Bears
Cute wood-carved look frontiersman bear figurines. 2 assorted.
19350 - Police Bears
Cute wood-carved look police bear figurines. 2 assorted.
19446 - Bears At Play
Two black bears, one playing in a stream, the other with a turtle and bu...
19448 - Teacher Bear
Cute wood-carved look teacher black bear with books and apple.
19449 - Medical Doctor Bears
Cute wood-carved look bears in doctors coat and scrubs. 2 assorted.
19450 - Welcome Bear
Cute wood-carved look bear holding welcome sign made from tree slices.
19451 - Welcome Bears In Tree
Wood-carved look figurine of three bears hanging out in a tree with a 'W...
19626 - Bear Welcome Log Figurine
Bear trio welcome sign with wood log look sign.
19627 - Bear Love Figurine
Bear figurine with wood look 'love' lettering.
19629 - Bear Selfie Figurines
Selfie photo bear figurines. 3 assorted.
17940 - Reading Bears Figurine
Cute wood-carved look figurine of parent bear reading to two cubs.
18498 - Cute Umbrella Bears star Clearance Item
Black bear figures with umbrellas in garden setting. Poly stone, 4.3 x 5...
18612 - Bears On Wheeled Toys
Carved wood look bear figurines on toys; skateboard, trike and boxcart. ...
18614 - Goin 2 Papa Bears
'Goin 2 Papa Bears' carved wood look figurine.
19042 - Bear & Cub Sledding star Featured Item
Bear with cub sledding.
19047 - Ski & Snowboard Bears
Winter fun bears, who is better skier or snowboarder.
19064 - Patriotic Bear
Patriotic black bear with flag, titled 'I heart the USA'.
19347 - Papa Bear's Chair
Cute carved wood look young bear in grandpa's rocking chair.
19447 - Captain Jack Pirate Bear star Clearance Item
Shiver me timbers! This bear's planning to plunder more than the campgro...
19452 - Retro Camping Trailer Bears
These bears are glamping in their cute retro trailer. Poly resin, 4 x 4"...
19625 - Bears With Signs
Message bears: 4 assorted with wood slice signs; Hope, Love, Believe and...
19628 - Bear & Moose Toy Train
Bears and moose riding a wood toy train. 3 parts connected with hooks.
19646 - Bear Family With Cross Figurine
Family bear figurine with wood look letters and cross. Poly resin, 7 x ...
17419 - Bears With Banner Signs
Bears with banner signs. 4 assorted: Friends forever, I miss you. Thinki...
17634 - Photo Frame Bears
Cute wood-carved look bears in front of a rustic log photo frame. Takes ...
18830 - Bear & Cub On Log Photo Frame
Bear with cub on log photo frame. Takes 6" x 4" photo.
19035 - Support Our Troops Bears
Support our troops, bears tying yellow ribbons for the soldiers.
19348 - Canoe & Kayak Bears
Cute wood carved finish. Bear and canoe is 3.8"L x 2"W x 3.1"H. Bear and...
19580 - Bearcycle Built For Two
Bearcycle built for two with bear couple riding to the park. Poly resin...
19667 - Bear Family With Baby
Proud bear family introducing baby bear. Poly resin, 3.2 x 4.5".
19346 - Arm Wrestling Bear & Moose
Cute wood-carved look bear and moose arm wrestling.