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Spring spiral keychain with imprinted tag. Metal and plastic. 1.5 x 3.0"...
Keychain with three colored hearts on chain, name-drop on tag.
Pink tennis shoe or sneaker keychain, name-drop on tag.
Ball spring keychain with name-drop on tag. 3 assorted colors.
Deer crossing road sign keychain. Acrylic and metal.
Sunset night sky magnet with wild animals; bear, deer, wolves, eagle, de...
Howling wolf shaped acrylic magnet. Name-drop.
Black bear photo collage on epoxy MDF keychain with name-drop.
Whitetail deer photo collage on epoxy MDF keychain with name-drop.
Pewter keychain with raised forest design over color fill. Name-drop.
Bear shaped acrylic keychain with photo collage. Name drop. Both sides s...
Bear shaped acrylic magnet with photo collage. Name drop.
Tin magnet with whitetail deer photo collage and text. Name-drop.
Tin magnet with forest animals and their tracks, name-drop.
Googly eyed comic bear magnet with text 'Been lookin' around (name-drop)...
Googly eyed comic deer magnet with text 'Been lookin' around (name-drop)...
Carved look black bear figurine holding sign with name-drop on it.
Molded shaped magnet with bear scene, name-drop.
Molded shaped magnet with cardinal scene, name drop.
Molded shaped magnet with lake cabin scene, name-drop.
PVC bear dimensional magnet with one color name drop on sign.
Comic mooning bear magnet, name drop.
Comic bear magnet with dangle rope legs (Poseable feet also have magnets...
Deer scene polyresin magnet with glossy finish, name drop.
Rectangular tin magnet with hummingbird illustration and name-drop.
Rectangular tin magnet with cardinals illustration and name-drop.
Large retro-style US map magnet with state attractions. Poly bag with he...
Cute bear figurine with name-drop on sign.
Compact translucent plastic bottle opener with corkscrew inside. Name-dr...
Bottle cap magnet with one color name-drop.
Beer stein magnetic bottle opener with name-drop.
Black bear bobble-head pen. Poly-resin. Name-drop.
Street sign magnet with one color name-drop.
Square topped wood ballpoint pen with name-drop.
Boxed playing cards with farm scene of barn and cows. Name-drop on plast...
Boxed playing cards with deer scene. Name-drop on plastic case.