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3-LF0117 - Joke Party Pooper
Party pooper fake turd packaged joke item.
3-LF0182 - Coin Slide Trick
Coin slide trick, carded.
3-LF0218 - Joke Fart Candy
Fart candy carded joke item.
3-LF0259 - Joke Party Snaps
Party snaps carded joke item.
3-SS0029 - Joke Tricky Dice
Tricky dice, rolls 7 or 11 each time. Carded.
3-16CNTRUN - Counter Joke Unit
Counter joke display with 16 facings. Unit includes display, header card...
3-520001 - Magic Relighting Candles
Magic relighting candles, blow them out and they relight instantly. Card...
3-BT0278 - Joke Blood Capsules
Fake blood capsules joke item.
3-BT0284 - Magic Ball & Vase Trick
magic ball and vase trick.
3-DC9187 - Joke Ketchup & Mustard Spill
Fake ketchup and mustard packet spills carded joke item.
3-EG0002 - Joke Exhaust Whistle
Trick exhaust whistle noisemaker.
3-GB0010 - Joke Fart Powder
Fart powder joke item, carded.
3-JW0043 - Joke Jumping Candy
Jumping candy joke item, carded.
3-JW0044 - Joke Squirt Toilet Seat
Squirt toilet seat carded joke item.
3-JW0045 - Joke Rattlesnake Eggs
Rattlesnake eggs, joke itemm. Poly bag with header.
3-JW0062 - Joke Fart Whistle
Fart whistle noise maker, carded joke item.
3-JW0082 - Joke Bang Gum In Pack
Chewing gum pack fires caps, carded joke item.
3-JW0095 - Joke Bullet Hole (Clear)
Fake bullet hole sticker for glass. Carded joke item.
3-JW0102 - Joke Kitty Crap
Fake cat turd, carded joke item.
3-JW0103 - Joke Nail Thru Finger
Fake nail and bloody bandage, carded joke item.
3-JW0105 - Joke Horrible Finger
Fake finger with bloody bandage, carded joke item.
3-JW0118 - Joke Squirt Chewing Gum
Squirting chewing gum pack, carded joke item.
3-JW0126 - Joke Dirty Face Soap
Dirty face soap, looks white but washes dirty, carded joke item.
3-JW0128 - Joke Puff Cigar
Fake cigar with fake smoke, carded joke item.
3-JW0129 - Joke Puff Cigarette
Fake cigarettes with fake smoke, carded joke item.
3-LF0100 - Joke Instant Worms
Instant worms, drop in a glass of water to surprise someone.
3-LF0186 - Joke Wolf Whistle
Wolf whistle, carded Joke item.
3-LF0278 - Plastic Balloons
Plastic ballons, 2 tubes ready to use, carded.
3-LF0352 - Joke Fart Lollipop
Fart lollipop, carded joke item.
3-PC0005 - Joke Bill Snatcher
Money snatching string joke, carded.
3-PC0032 - Joke Pin Thru Nose
Safety pin through nose, carded joke item.
3-PC0097 - Joke Drink Gelling
Gelling joke, transforms drink into sludge. Carded.
3-SM0004 - Joke Goofy Teeth
Funny goofy teeth, carded joke item.
3-SS0037 - Joke Squirting Nickel
Water squirting nickel coin, carded joke item.
3-SS0054 - Joke Two-Headed Nickel
Two-headed nickel coin, you can't lose. Carded joke item.
3-ZA0001 - Mood Lipstick
Real lipstick that changes color with your mood. Carded.