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17425 - Mother Bear & Cub
Carved wood look mother bear with her cub. 2 assorted.
19049 - Bear Paper Towel Holder
Carved wood look bear kitchen paper towel holder.
19238 - Bear Tea Light
Black bear with tree trunk tea light, 2 assorted designs.
19351 - Carved-Look Bear World Figurines
Cute carved-look bear figurines. 6 assorted. Free display with 72 pieces...
19351UN - Bear World Figurines & Display
Cute wood carved look Bear World figurines with free display. Call for f...
19652 - Bear Coaster Set
Black bear coaster stand contains 4 bear silhouette coasters. Poly resi...
17417 - Photo Clip Bears
Comic black bears holding photo clips. 3 assorted.
18853 - Bears On Log Hidden Drawer
Black bear and cubs on log with hidden treasures drawer. This adorable b...
18854 - Bears Salt, Pepper & Toothpick Holder
Wood carved look black bears salt, pepper and toothpick holder. Poly res...
18942 - Bear Cub Magnets
Playing bear cub magnets. 3 assorted.
18942UN - Bear Cub Magnets With Display
Playing bear cub magnets. 3 assorted. 24 total. Metal display board.
19094 - Bears Climbing Tree Limbs
Black bears climbing on tree limbs. 3 assorted.
19095 - Bear On Rock
Bear on rock figurines. 3 assorted.
19171 - Bear On Log Figurine
Bear on fallen log figurine.
19637 - Bears on Pine Cross Wall Hanging star Featured Item
Playful cubs climb on this polyresin cross featuring a bark-on log look....
18961 - Bear Tree Climber Figurine
Black bear tree climber figurine, for a tree trunk or fence post.
17716 - Black Bear Figurines
Black bear figurines. 4 assorted.
19084 - Bear Pair Walking
Black bear pair walking figurine.
19091 - Bear Family On Rock star Clearance Item
Bear family on rock formation, cave opening, figurine.
19149 - Bears Cellphone Stand star Clearance Item
Bear trio on fallen tree, cell phone stand. See no, hear no, speak no ev...
19153 - Bears & Branches Tablet Stand
Bears and branches tablet stand. Tablet not included.
19322 - Woodgrain Look Bear Figurine
Resin bear figurine hand painted to look like woodgrain.
19421 - Bear With Cubs Figurine
Momma bear with small cubs figurine.
19663 - Black Bear Lodge Light-Up Plaque star Clearance Item
Canvas-look plaque with cut-out backlit words 'Welcome to Black Bear Lod...
19138 - Bear On Branch Wall Hook star Clearance Item
Bear on branch wall hook.
19336 - Black Bear Garden Figurine star Clearance Item
Black bear garden figurine. Poly resin, 10.5" long.
19644 - Bear Track Stepping Stone
Bear footprint stepping stone for the garden. Poly resin, 9.5 x 11".
18378 - Wood Look Bear With Cubs star Clearance Item
Bear with cubs figurine created to look like it was carved from driftwoo...
18384 - Bears At Play Photo Frame
Black bears at play on photo frame. Holds a 5" x 3.5" photo.
18524 - Black Bear Cubs
Black bear cub figurines. 2 assorted.
18832 - Cute Bear Photo Frame
Wood carved look bear sitting with photo insert in tummy.
18943 - Bear Magnets
Black bear magnets. 3 assorted.
Magnet Bear 3A (24 W/DSP)
19340 star Clearance Item
Comical Black Bear with Cub Figure 2 Assorted
Black Bear Track Photo Frame