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19630 - Yoga Pose Bears
Yoga bear figurines in 4 different poses. All of these fun exercise or y...
17419 - Bears With Banner Signs
Bears with banner signs. 4 assorted: Friends forever, I miss you. Thinki...
17634 - Photo Frame Bears
Cute wood-carved look bears in front of a rustic log photo frame. Takes ...
18350 - Bear Family Tubin' Fun Figurine star Sale Item
Carved wood look bear family having fun tubing. Poly resin, 4.6 x 1.8"
19035 - Support Our Troops Bears
Support our troops, bears tying yellow ribbons for the soldiers.
19064 - Patriotic Bear
Patriotic black bear with flag, titled 'I heart the USA' is the cutest d...
19346 - Arm Wrestling Bear & Moose
Faux wood-carved look bear and moose arm wrestling. No cheating. Moose a...
19348 - Canoe & Kayak Bears
Faux wood carved finish. These outdoor black bear figurines are ready fo...
19667 - Bear Family With Baby
Proud bear family introducing baby bear. Poly resin, 3.2 x 4.5".
63388 - Leapfrog Bears star New Item
Two young black bears spending the day playing leapfrog. One bear jumps ...
63389 - Sleepy Family Bears star New Item
Black, drowsy eyed polyresin bears. This bear family cuddles together fo...
17411 - Hear, See, Speak No Evil Bears
Bear Figurines Speak, See, Hear No Evil. Made to look like they were car...
17428 - Magnet Bears
Cute wood-carved look magnet bears. 2 assorted.
17429 - Bears in Vehicles
These friendly, black bears and their faux "wooden" airplane, automobile...
18009 - Carved-Look Bear Motorcycle Rider
Carved wood look figurine of black bear riding a wood motorcycle. Poly-r...
18351 - Bear Couple On Motorcycle
Wood carved look bear couple on motorcycle.
18970 - Bears & Moose Tic Tac Toe Game
It's bears vs. moose in this cute tic tac toe game. Four bears, four moo...
19032 - Bears In Love Figurine
Bears in love figurine, with boy, girl and flowers.
19034 - Bear Bikers
Biker bears in colorful do rags and washed denim. 2 assorted. Polyresin.
19038 - Catch a Rising Star Bear star Sale Item
Cute wood-carved look bear reaching for the stars.
19040 - Wedding Bears
Faux wood-carved look wedding bears featuring a male black bear with a r...
19044 - Super Bear star Clearance Item
Super Bear, ready for the fight to save the forest. Wood-carved look.
19447 - Captain Jack Pirate Bear star Clearance Item
Shiver me timbers! This bear's planning to plunder more than the campgro...
17407 - Comical Bear
Comical bear figurines in unique poses, 6 assorted.
17417 - Photo Clip Bears
Comic black bears holding photo clips. 3 assorted.
17425 - Mother Bear & Cub
Carved wood look mother bear with her cub. 2 assorted.
17942 - Bears In Canoe
These black bears are ready for an adventure! Black bear family depicts ...
18353 - Cuddle Bears
Wood carved look bear couple cuddling in each others arms.
18619 - Biker Wave Bear
Bear riding motorcyle figure giving the biker wave.
18831 - Cute Bear Cubs In Tree
Cute black bear cubs climbing in a pine tree.
18853 - Bears On Log Hidden Drawer
Black bear and cubs on log with hidden treasures drawer. This adorable b...
19351 - Carved-Look Bear World Figurines
Cute carved-look bear figurines. 6 assorted. Free display with 72 pieces...
19351UN - Bear World Figurines & Display
Cute wood carved look Bear World figurines with free display. Call for f...
19580 - Bearcycle Built For Two
Bearcycle built for two with bear couple riding to the park. Poly resin...
63390 - Bears In Mirror star New Item
Black polyresin bears staring in the mirror. Made to look like carved wo...
15693 - Black Bears Wind Chime
Black bear family sits atop an aluminum tube wind chime with wood clappe...