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63432 - Beaded Dreamcatcher Ornaments
Ornament with faux leather attached to a colorful beaded metal hoop with...
62574 - Pigskin Drum Hanging star Clearance Item
Small pigskin drum with beads and feathers decoration. 2 assorted.
63160 - Drum Wall Hanging, Wolf Head
Drum wall hanging with wolf head image. Beads and feathers trim. 2 assor...
19632 - Arrowhead Dreamcatchers
Arrowhead dreamcatchers. Fabric, metal and leather. 5.5 x 15". 4 assort...
62361 - 4" Leather Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with leather, beads and feathers.
63375 - Dreamcatcher with Suspended Stone
Dreamcatcher features metal hoop wrapped in fabric and feathers with geo...
63497 - Bear Icon Dreamcatcher
Iconic bear feathered dreamcatcher. A perfect combination of leather, f...
63498 - Arrow Icon Dreamcatcher
Arrow feathered dreamcatcher. A perfect combination of leather, feather...
19331 - Stone Pattern Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with stone pattern and feather accents. 3.5 x 14.0".
19334 - Long Beads Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with long beads and feather accents. 3 assorted.
19335 - Medicine Wheel Wall Decor
Medicine wheel wall decor with feather accents. 3 assorted.
62368 - Double Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with double hoop, fabric and feathers.
62573 - 3" Beaded Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with beaded hoop and beaded feather decorations.
62360 - Small Leather Dreamcatcher
Small leather dreamcatcher. 4 assorted. Free display with 72 piece order...
19330 - Gray Feather Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with gray feather accents. 3 assorted.
19568 - Icon Dreamcatchers
Fabric dreamcatcher with metal icon hanging in the middle. Fabric, metal...
19633 - Bear-Shaped Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with bear outline. Fabric, leather and feathers. 8.0 x 13.0...
19634 - Buffalo-Shaped Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with buffalo outline. Fabric, leather and feathers. 7.5 x ...
19635 - Moose-Shaped Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with moose outline. Fabric, leather and feathers. 5.0 x 12....
61829 - Wolf Head Mandella
Mandella (decorative Native American ceremonial shield) with wolf head p...
62365 - Small Heart Dreamcatcher
Small heart-shaped dreamcatcher with beads and feathers. 3 assorted.
63374 - LED Lighted Dreamcatchers
Battery powered lighted dreamcatcher featuring a crystal charm in the ce...
19112 - Feathered Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with long strands of feathers. 4 assorted.
19383 - Feathers Cluster Dreamcatcher
Fabric and feathers cluster dreamcatchers, 3 assorted. 5.0" x 17.0".
19384 - Tasseled Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with fabric tassels and feathers.
19436 - Leather Dreamcatcher With Display
Leather and feathers dreamcatcher. 6 assorted, free display with 36 piec...
19437 - 11" Dreamcatcher with Display
11" long dreamcatcher in leather, beads and feathers. 6 assorted, 48 per...
62688 - Beaded Dreamcatcher Keyring
Dreamcatcher keychain with leather, beads and feathers.
62723 - Rainbow Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with rainbow colored hoop and large colored feathers.
63431 - Beaded Dreamcatcher Keychain
Split ring keychain with faux leather attached to a colorful beaded meta...
63433 - Dreamcatcher Keychain with Clasp
Mini dreamcatcher keychain with split ring and lobster claw clasp. Dream...
63479 - Tasseled Dreamcatcher Keychain
This cute and trendy tassel with dreamcatcher keychain is perfect for pe...
63495 - Feather Dreamcatcher Keychain
Feather dreamacatcher. A perfect combination of thread, feathers, and b...
63496 - Tree-of-Life Dreamcatcher
Tree-of-life dreamcatcher keychain. A perfect combination of thread, an...
16312 - Two Ring Chimes Dreamcatcher
Two ring dreamcatcher with chimes, 18" tall.
19108 - Stone Accent Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher with stone accents, Native American look. 4 assorted.